If you’re looking for a unique mindfulness experience, look no further than Alpaca Meditation with Alpaca my Boots!

Wellness Wednesdays

Our Alpacas have a rest from the Treks on Wednesdays, but over the summer, we will be offering the community and visitor to the Brecon Beacons other ways to connect therapeutically with nature and the alpacas. We are especially hoping to ensure that people with mobility issues will have opportunities to meet these wonderful animals on Wednesdays.

We are very excited to be offering visitors a totally unique experience to meditate with alpacas. We will be working in collaboration with Ros and Brecon Mindfulness.

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Ros, our mindfulness instructor

A message from your instructor

Mindfulness practices are anything that helps us out of our thinking minds, out of autopilot and to become more aware of ourselves, both physically and mentally. By doing this we make ourselves more available for the world that we are living in.

As someone who has been meditating for many years, and teaching it for the last 7 years, I have become increasingly aware of how supportive nature can be in the process– whether it’s the sound of birdsong coming through an open window, noticing my cat’s presence near me as I sit, or looking at a tree or a mountain.

Alpacas have many qualities that make them a particularly special addition to a meditation experience. As they are still quite an unusual sight in the UK they evoke a curiosity and what we mindfulness teachers call a ‘beginner’s mind’ where we see something fresh and anew. Alpacas also have a posture of dignity and a slight aloofness, yet they are also herd animals. They perhaps remind us humans of our deep need for connection with each other? Each alpaca is unique in terms of its colour, build and personality. Finally, they also look a bit like they are meditating when they sit down and they even sometimes hum gently!

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What to expect

The experience is suitable for people with lots or no previous experience of meditation and open to ages 14 upwards. Groups will be no more than 10 people.

Please arrive on time, or even a few minutes early so that you are as relaxed as possible! When you arrive, Ros will do a brief introduction about alpacas and the farm and also an explanation about what mindfulness is and isn’t.

Depending on the weather and needs of the group we will either walk a short distance to a field to sit with alpacas or be in the barn with alpacas. Please note that the surface is a bit uneven and there is also a slight incline – do let us know if this is going to be a problem. We will start by doing a brief sitting meditation to ground ourselves – Ros will guide you. You will then have an opportunity to feed and connect with the alpacas before we do another longer sitting where you will be able to watch the alpacas and meditate. We will end with an optional opportunity to share experiences and ask questions.

Please bring a camping chair or picnic rug to sit in the field, along with suitable clothing and footwear – for example sun hats if it is very warm and a jacket if there is more of a breeze.

For all enquires related to our Mindfulness with Alpacas sessions you can contact Ros via email or telephone on: 07932 633 769

Alpacas on a hazy, cold morning in the hills.